Nexo s.r.l. is skilled in technical assistance and IT consultancy both for companies and individuals, in the installation and maintenance of IT networks, both peer to peer and in domain. Many years of experience let us manage our customers' requests with competence and rapidity (smartness).

We act both at the customer's site and remotely, for the management of the IT infrastructure, to design and implement the best solutions by acting with the utmost professionalism, solving the problems reported and ensuring the form, substance and discretion in any interfacing with the business data. 


We install, configure and manage networks with both Windows and Linux servers, personal computers Windows, Mac and Linux, all the needed peripherals for good operation and network protection (switches, firewalls, back-up systems both local and in the cloud, scanners, printers, etc.) and various software (single or network antivirus, Office applications, etc.). 


We perform both hardware and software updates of your PCs/netbooks, in order to speed them up and let you have a better performing tool (replacement of the mechanical hard disks with the more performing SSDs, adding ram memory, updating firmware, drivers, operating system, etc.) 


We are skilled in the problem-solving concerning malware, viruses, ransomware infections, favouring the recovery of the system and all settings. 

We perform data recovery activities from damaged magnetic media through the use of dedicated software applications and with the support of companies specialized in recovery in clean rooms. 

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