Nexo s.r.l. offers a wide range of computer products: personal computers, servers, storage systems, monitors and any kind of device (printers, NAS, Scanners). 

Choosing Nexo s.r.l. means relying on a qualified and professional partner and, because of many years of industry expertise, it offers solutions from leading manufacturers, such as DELL, Lenovo, Apple, Asus, Sony, Samsung, Hp and many others. 

Therefore we are able to design and provide the solutions that are best suited to each customer’s need, providing advice and assistance both in pre-sales to after-sales. 


Nexo s.r.l. offers a complete management of networking issues, from initial requirements analysis to plant maintenance.


Our skills cover the whole infrastructure: The physical level of wiring (copper/fibre or wireless link), the necessary equipment, interconnection devices (switch, router, modem, access point), with particular attention to the security issues such as firewalls and quality of service.


The experience in the extensive use of Virtual Private Networking (VPN) techniques allows the achievement of the highest security requirements even in geographical interconnections through public networks and not directly controlled by the customer. 

Nexo s.r.l. is a ComNet Qualifyed Partner. 


The operating system is the computer system core. Nexo s.r.l. is the qualified partner in optimization and management of this crucial element. As for client-side operating systems, Microsoft now has a dominant position. In the publishing field MacOS by Apple is probably the most used operating system.


The choice of the server-side operating system is more complex, where as an alternative to the versions of Microsoft Windows Server, it is possible to adopt open source solutions, available in a huge park of Linux distributions.


Making the right choice for the company’s needs, allows you not only to achieve important savings in time but also to realise an infrastructure that efficiently meets business requirements. 


Nexo s.r.l. offers a wide range of applications that let you create content, such as text documents, presentations or graphics. The best-known categories are the text processors and spreadsheets, but this type of software also includes programs that let you create presentations, brochures, websites, databases and much more. 

The various programs are often available individually or in a package. Microsoft Office is available for Windows and Mac operating systems, both by purchasing the suite and as an annual subscription with Microsoft 365. Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of 20+ desktop and 

mobile apps and services for photography, design, video, web, user experience and not. 

Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, Power Point, Publisher, Access, Outlook, OneNote, Visio, while Adobe Creative Cloud programs such as Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Acobe XD, Acrobat DC, etc., all available also individually. 


Nexo s.r.l. provides, installs and configures Trend Micro antivirus software, one of the world’s leading players in the production of antivirus software. 

Software for removing adware, malware, spyware, etc. 

Iperius Backup for a complete and secure management of your security copies, whether they are data files, databases or Virtual Machines, with copy both locally and remotely. 

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